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Stop translating everything in your head...

Join the language learning revolution! 

Here at Spanish to Fluency we do things differently. All of our programs are designed with the sole purpose of helping you gain the ability and confidence needed to carry on everyday Spanish conversations with ease.  Throughout our years of helping people just like you to not only learn grammar & and vocabulary, but be able to confidently and effectively apply it in real, everyday conversations, we've noticed a giant gap in the language learning space. We have designed our programs to help you fill this missing piece of learning, so that you're not just learning new words & grammar but developing the skills necessary to use this newly acquired information in everyday conversations.  While grammar is indeed important for effective communication, we use a 80/20 approach, with 80% of the program designed for you to learn by doing (through real, guided conversations with native speakers and other forms fo communication) and 20% instruction and focused grammar practice. This is why our students report significant improvements in their ability to naturally and intuitively partake in real conversations within 5-6 weeks of starting our programs.

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"I've learned how to think in Spanish and I'm not getting lost anymore"

 - Candace Bergmann

We help you to ...

Develop a natural and intuitive ability to communicate in the real, everyday conversations happening on the streets of Latin America. 


To gain the confidence needed to speak with native Spanish speakers in the everyday situations that are the most relevant to you and your lifestyle.


To understand and work in harmony with the human brain's natural, subconscious learning processes, in order to facilitate the learning process & accelerate results.

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How does it work?

Learn the grammar & vocabulary you need to converse about a specific topic (personalized to each individual) in our guided lessons with an experienced Spanish tutor.


Practice real conversations with experienced native speakers - conversation topics are customized to meet your individual needs.
Receive personalized feedback and guidance from your bilingual Spanish coach, based on the scheduled conversations.

Resolve all your doubts, confusion & insecurities with your bilingual Spanish coach. 


Learn proven strategies for improving comprehension, vocabulary recall, pronunciation, and more!


Understand the natural, subconscious learning processes of the brain, so that you can work in harmony with them to ease the learning process and accelerate your progress.

Learn how to create a brain-friendly learning environment unique to your own learning style, goals and interests

Why are we different?

We help you discover & create the most effective learning path for YOU based on the common, everyday conversations happening right now in Latin America. 

Apart from helping you skyrocket your ability & confidence to speak Spanish during your time in our programs, we coach you into understanding the best learning path for your own individual learning style, goals, and interests. 

We teach you how your brain is designed to learn languages naturally so that you can create a brain-friendly learning environment that facilitates the process & and accelerates your results.

We help you develop your own customized, daily action plan so that you can continue to improve your conversational Spanish even after working with us! 

We customize our lessons and conversation classes according to your personal goals, interests & lifestyle.

Check out this sample video of how Katherine progressed from knowing ZERO Spanish to confidently holding a fluid conversation just 4 1/2 months later! 

Learn Spanish with us anytime, anywhere

Our programs are 100% virtual. We meet via Zoom conferencing calls every week, so you can connect from anywhere with a stable internet connection!

We offer flexible scheduling options so that you can easily fit achieving your conversational Spanish goals into your current lifestyle. 

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Explore our online conversational programs to find the best fit for you. 

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Complimentary trainings, events, and downloads to help you boost your conversational Spanish! 

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Learn proven tips and strategies designed for conversational fluency that you can start applying today!


What Our Students Are Saying...

After decades of trying to learn Spanish but struggling to communicate, Claudine is now able to carry on 30 minute + conversations on a variety of different topics.

She's begun to think in Spanish which allows her to recall the words she knows with ease & can express herself on a deeper level. 

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