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¿Qué fue?

¿Cómo te ha ido?

Todo bien


Stop Translating Everything in Your Head...


"I've learned how to think in Spanish and I'm not getting lost anymore" - Candace Bergmann

We help expats in Latin America...


To develop an instinctive understanding & use of the Spanish language.

(If you want to speak fluently, you can't be thinking about the grammar rules or translating from English first)

To gain the confidence needed to speak with native Spanish speakers in virtually any situation.


To understand how the adult human brain's natural learning processes work, in order to facilitate the process & accelerate results

How does it work?

Practice real conversations with native speakers

Receive personalized feedback & guidance based on the conversations you've had

Resolve all your doubts, confusion & insecurities with your bilingual Spanish coach  

Learn how the brain is naturally designed to learn languages so that you can facilitate & accelerate the process

Why are we different?

We help you discover & create the most effective learning path for YOU.

Apart from helping you skyrocket your ability & confidence to speak Spanish, we coach you into understanding the best learning path for your own individual learning style, pace & interests. 

We teach you how your brain is designed to learn languages naturally so that you can create a brain friendly learning environment that facilitates the process & accelerates your results.

We help you develop your own customized, daily action plan so that you can continue to progress even after working with us. 

What Our Students Are Saying...

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