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Perfection...Even though it doesn't exist, the belief that we need to be perfect often holds us back

We avoid even attempting to achieve the things we want, due to the fear of not doing it properly. Not being good enough.

But the real beauty is in imperfection.

It's what makes us each unique.

It's what gives us something to aspire to and it gives us a reason to dream & create.

Without imperfection, life would be so boring, stagnant & way too predictable.

Fear of perfection or imperfection, (however you want to look at it), is one of the main causes for slow progress when learning a language.

But let me tell you, after speaking Spanish fluently for over 10 years, silly mistakes still happen.

The funny thing is, native speakers don't even speak perfectly!

They make mistakes too.

A few days ago I was speaking with a friend and noticed that I used the feminine pronoun "la" where it should have been the masculine "lo".

I'm not sure why it slipped out that way. It was completely unconscious. It just happened, as it does.

The human brain is a MAGNIFICENT machine but it has a LOT to process and also experiences glitches every now and again.

I almost deleted the message so I could write it the correct way.

This is when I realized that I haven't completely conquered this fear.

I realized I felt disappointed in myself for making this mistake and was reminded to just LET IT GO.

Because if there's one thing that I know for sure, it's this:

The more you think about speaking perfectly, the more mistakes you make!

So just think about it for a moment. Are you doing this?

This isn't the case for everyone.

Some people are quite good at just speaking freely without a care in the world.

They reach a good conversational level faster than the rest of us.

However, they often have more trouble using correct grammar but hey, what's more important...

Using correct grammar? ... Or being able to communicate?

So if you are holding back because you're afraid of making mistakes, remember this.

There's. Nothing. To. Fear... because perfection doesn't exist!

Take that weight off of your shoulders so you can relax & be PRESENT in your Spanish conversations.

If you do, you'll see that speaking Spanish doesn't need to be so difficult.


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