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What do you know about the human brain and how it is wired to learn new things?

The human 🧠 is an incredible machine. In particular, the unconscious brain.

While you may know that it controls your most vital bodily processes (heart beat, breathing) without requiring any conscious effort or acknowledgement...

You may have even heard that it processes more than 70,000 thoughts a day (only some of these are registered on a conscious level).

But did you know that it can also predict the future?

Well, sort of. Let me explain.

Whenever someone is speaking to you, you are constantly predicting what they will say next.

That doesn't necessarily mean that you're always right, but most of the time you're not too far off.

This impressive ability developed eons ago to help us detect and protect ourselves against danger, for survival purposes.

And while you may not need to worry about survival today, you can still use this instinctive ability to your advantage.

Do you want to learn Spanish? 👇

Let your subconscious do its thing. Let it help you predict what will be said next 🔮

To do this, you must first receive some related input so that your brain can associate it with the information it's received in the past.

So listen to the language. Read the language.

Then, start a conversation and focus attentively on what the speaker is saying to you. Keep up with what they're saying even if there are some words you don't know.

🚫DO NOT stop and think about these unknown words. Release them.

Hold onto the words that you're familiar with so your brain can start putting the pieces together and form an educated guess on what will happen next.

✔️This will help you to improve your listening comprehension.

✔️It will help you to find the words you need to express yourself, when it's your turn to talk.

Ultimately, it will improve your fluency 📷;)


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