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About Nadine Panta Flexhaug



Nadine Panta Flexhaug is an entrepreneur from Calgary, Canada who left the country at 19 years of age to travel Latin America and learn Spanish. Once she became fluent, she began teaching English locally in Ecuador and later transitioned to teaching both English and Spanish online.


While she enjoyed helping people achieve their goals and learn about new cultures, the traditional "dominant" style of teaching was not the method she believed in or experienced the best results with herself (when learning Spanish), so she decided to learn about how the brain works through neuroscience in order to find a better, more effective method. This is how she became a Spanish Coach.


As a coach, Nadine works together with her clients to create a language learning routine and environment that is unique to their strengths, goals, and interests. She works with people who have studied the language or have some previous experience with it but haven't learned to use it effectively in real conversations.


She helps them gain the confidence they need in order to freely experiment with the language. She also reveals brain-friendly techniques that enhance results so that her learners can achieve their goals of becoming fluent in Spanish, in less time.