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Listening Comprehension Crash Course

Are you having a hard time understanding Spanish speakers? Between the numerous verb forms, fast-paced speech, word modifications, slang, etc., it's no wonder listening comprehension is a challenge for many Spanish learners... but what if there was a way to train your brain to follow Spanish conversations, despite it all?

About the course

This course is designed to introduce you to a whole new way of listening to Spanish. A way that works in harmony with your brain's natural learning processes. For this reason, once this method is understood and applied, you'll be able to tap into the flow of natural, everyday conversations, dramatically increasing your ability to understand spoken Spanish. While you may not know all of the words or grammar of a particular conversation, you will begin to activate your subconscious, intuitive abilities to utilize the context to comprehend enough to respond confidently and continue the conversation regardless.

Here’s what you get when you enroll:


  • 6 x 60-90 Minute Recorded Lessons

Lifetime access to the video recordings from the live Listening Comprehension Crash Course 5-day event. Each recording is 60-90 minutes in length and can be viewed at any time, as often as you'd like. All course material is yours to keep! 

  • PDF Worksheets & Guides

Each recording is accompanied by a PDF worksheet and/or guide. These worksheets are designed to get you to apply the information shared in each recording so you can process it on a deeper level and  use it in real Spanish conversations. 

  • 6 Audio & Video Bonus Resources

Included in this Crash Course are 1 video and 5 audio bonus resources which you can use to practice with the listening strategies presented to you and improve your pronunciation, which is directly linked to your listening comprehension abilities.

  • A Complimentary Copy Of Our Authentic Spanish Resources Guide

This is a comprehensive list of Spanish TV shows, movies, books, and music that you can use to choose a resource to incorporate into your daily learning routine, to increase natural exposure to the language and skyrocket your listening comprehension. The list is sorted by level, dialect, etc., so you can find an authentic Spanish resource that is suitable for you, wherever you are in your learning journey.

This guide comes with a 15 minute video detailing how to use the guide and how to use authentic Spanish resources at any level (yes, even for beginners!), and still learn from them and even enjoy the process! 

  • 30 Day Access To Our Support Hotline

Get 30-day access to our WhatsApp (or email) Support Hotline, for additional support with any questions or assistance required while navigating through the Listening Comprehension Crash Course.


Here is what you'll learn in this self-guided, digital course:

The Mindset Shift - Changing the way you listen to Spanish

In this lesson, you will discover why you've been having trouble following native speakers and identify which of the most common mistakes you've been making, so you know exactly what to work on. You will learn how to shift the way you listen to Spanish so that you can relax and receive the information directly in Spanish (without having to translate!).

It's time to discover the key to listening to Spanish in a way that's in harmony with your brain's natural learning processes and feels effortless! 

Learning The Sounds Of The Language

Learn the most important sounds of the language that are essential to comprehending any native speaker (and will also improve your pronunciation!). Use the bonus resources to practice and enhance your skills.

Listening Strategies

Learn some of the most transformational techniques & strategies that we've been sharing with our students for years, which have reduced anxiety and increased the amount of time they can carry on a Spanish conversation with native speakers.

Discover how you can use these strategies to train your brain to understand spoken Spanish in real conversations and while listening to Spanish radio, TV, podcasts, etc.

How To Identify Diminutives & Word Modifications Used In Everyday Speech

Decode the everyday, colloquial Spanish used on the streets of Latin America by developing a clear understanding of how native speakers speak naturally, in REAL LIFE (which is often very different than you hear online or learn in a textbook).

Question & Answer Session

Get the answers to all of your questions regarding how to implement these strategies and receive more information on how to continue improving your listening and speaking skills to take your conversational Spanish to the next level! 

Bonus Pronunciation Lesson 

A clear understanding of correct pronunciation is essential for understanding native speakers. Join Isabella, (one of the native speakers from our team) as she walks you through the most important Spanish sounds so you can identify them immediately when listening to native speakers.

it's time to TRANSFORM your Spanish conversations!

When your listening comprehension improves, so does EVERYTHING ELSE! Only once you can understand what's being said to you, are you able to fully partake in real Spanish conversations.

Increased listening comprehension also equips you with the tools required to take advantage of the limitless resources available for listening practice (TV, movies, music, podcasts, etc.), which will further improve your vocabulary, grammar and overall understanding of the language.

1 Payment


  • Get lifetime access for only $47!
    (for a limited time only)

  • 6 x 60-90 minute lessons

  • Worksheets and guides to implement the strategies shared in each lesson

  • 6 audio & video bonus resources

  • 1 complimentary copy of the Most Comprehensive Guide to Authentic Spanish Resources

Here's a sample clip of lesson 1 of our Listening Comprehension Crash Course
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