Jennifer went from avoiding telling stories because she lacked the confidence & understanding of the different past tense forms... to being able to confidently speak about her day, her weekend, her trip to Ecuador or whatever her heart desires! 

If you want to improve your Spanish, I highly recommend Nadine’s program. I had tried several other programs to learn Spanish, one which gave me a foundation of about 300 words so I was able to read and write some Spanish. The one element I lacked, however, was the ability to understand and carry on a conversation beyond asking for the bathroom and ordering a meal. 


I came across Nadine’s Facebook group Become Fluent in Spanish (Latin America), I read all her posts, watched all her videos and did the exercises she suggested. I was noticing some improvement in my understanding and speaking Spanish but I wanted to learn more and faster.


I enrolled in Nadine’s group class but during week two, my classmate had to leave, so I received one-on-one coaching for the remainder of the course. The coaching and tools she provided me along with my three times weekly conversations with Cecilia sky-rocketed my understanding of the language. I want to make a disclaimer that I study about 6 hours a day in 30 minute increments taking breaks when I lose focus. Am I saying that you need to do the same in order to learn the language - no. But if you are willing to follow what Nadine teaches you, put the time in, whatever that may be, you will see results.

Laurie Glinski​

Mike went from avoiding speaking Spanish (while living in Lima, Peru!) due to a lack of confidence and ability to hold a conversation past the basic greetings... to being able to confidently & naturally carry on common casual conversations with ease.

How Diane went from bored and frustrated to meaningful and inspired.

I feel very positive about how much better my Spanish is now than when I first started. Like many people, I have taken other Spanish courses that learning grammar was the major focus. While the grammar is important for me to learn, I wanted to take a course that was more conversation based. 

This program is it! ​Nadine's goal is for people to learn to speak Spanish by thinking in Spanish.

She puts together a personalized individual program based on where you are and what your goals are for learning Spanish. I have two conversational teachers who I really like and who are very patient with me. Nadine supplements the conversation classes with practical learning skills and reviews of what you are doing on your conversation calls. 

I feel confident in recommending to anyone who is seriously interested in learning to speak Spanish that this is an excellent course.  

Beth Archibald

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